How can I book an appointment?

If you are interested in making an appointment, please click BOOKINGS and fill in the form completely. We will answer your apply as soon as possible.
If you prefer a specific weekday, please mention this in your message and we will try to fit you in. If your day is unavailabe, we will gladly offer you other openings in our schedule.

Please note, for every appointment a deposit is required (non-refundable)

Can I book a consultation?

For proper advice, a personal conversation is always best if it comes to tattoos.

For most larger size tattoos we prefer a consultation before booking you in for a tattoo appointment. That way, we can discuss your idea and check for the right placement on the body, and also the size and shape.

Please note, a good tattoo needs to have the right size and shape in combination with a good placement on the body part of your choosing. Sometimes an image looks great on paper, but not so much on every part of your body. We gladly offer you the right guidance in choosing the right place, size and shape for your tattoo.

For small tattoos, a consultation is not necessary but possible if preferred.

How do deposits work?

For every tattoo appointment, a deposit will be required.
ALL deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE without exceptions.

The deposit will go towards the final costs of your tattoo.
If your tattoo needs multiple sessions, your deposit will be applied to your last session.

After we have discussed your idea and have set a date and time, you will be sent a link to make your deposit. If your deposit is not received within 24 hours, your appointment will be forfeited.

If you need to reschedule your appointment, you are able to do so until 48 hrs before your appointment, otherwise your deposit will be forfeited.
If you do not show on your appointment, your deposit will be forfeited.
If you are late, please notify us. If not, after 30 mins your deposit will be forfeited as well.

Can I bring someone with me to my appointment?

At Eleven we don't have space for extra visitors.

There are different motives to get a tattoo. Some have it for cosmetic reasons, some to honour a loved one, and to some it is a spiritual journey.
What ever your reason is, getting tattooed is a very personal thing and we encourage you to take this journey alone. This is all about You.

We prefer working 1-on-1. This way, other opinions won't be a distraction for you when choosing the tattoo You want.

Kids and strollers will be refused entry.

What is the minimum age to get tattooed?

18+ ONLY


Where are you located?

Eleven is located in Amsterdam, between the city center and the A10 highway. We are very easy accessible by car or public transport.

If you come by car, there is parking availability (paid) right in front of the studio.

If you are visiting us by public transport, please take tram 26 IJburg from Amsterdam Central Station and get off at Zuiderzeeweg. It is a few minutes walk from there.

The address of the studio is
Faas Wilkesstraat 141-B, 1095MD Amsterdam.

The entrance of the studio is right around the corner from the main entrance of the building, opposite to the Espressofabriek.

Do you take Walk-Ins?

Eleven is a Private Studio, we work by Appointment Only.

What are your rates?

Tattoos that can be done in one sitting, are priced by the piece. The price depends on the size, placement on the body, style and details. Therefore, we can only quote you a price after we have discussed your idea thoroughly.

For larger projects that need several sittings, an hourly rate will be applied. We gladly inform you more once we have discussed your ideas.

The hourly rate or day-session includes setting up, drawing time, and stencilling.

How do I take care of my new tattoo?

Once your tattoo is done, it will be cleaned and covered before you leave.

  • Leave the cling film/foil on for 3 hours.
  • If Second Skin is applied, please leave it on for 3 days. When removing it, peel the top corner and soak it in the shower before you peel off the film gently.
  • After removing the film or second skin, clean it with warm water and a mild PH neutral antibacterial soap. Clean your tattoo twice a day.
  • Dab it dry softly with a clean towel, don't rub it.
  • After cleaning it for the first time, you can wrap the tattoo again with a new clean piece of cling film and wash it again the next morning. This can be done the for the first night only. Don't wrap it again for the following nights/days.
  • Don't use any cream or ointments the first 24hrs.
  • Wash your tattoo twice a day (gently) and after drying, apply a thin layer of ointment or cream on your tattoo.
    Bepanthen works great, just make sure you have the ointment (NL: Zalf), and not the cream/creme.
    Apply the ointment for about 2 weeks, depending on the progress of your healing.
  • Old skin will peel off: DO NOT scratch/itch your tattoo.
  • Avoid swimming, baths, saunas, tanning salons.
  • Sweating is not good for your tattoo, avoid intense workouts.
  • Avoid sunshine until your tattoo is healed completely.


How can I commission artwork or a logo design?

If you want to inquire about a logo design, vector work, or to commission artwork, please fill in the CONTACT form.

We will happily provide you all the information.